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Reply to "need advice concerning SAS steve lawing"

A business person in this situation has no incentive to do anything differently. This money making machine depends on the mystique of someday taking deliver of a bespoke auto at a seemingly affordable price. This method has proven that it drives potential buyers to plunk down cash for the opportunity to wait in line.  He has to do very little to keep this operation running. 

I have no foindation in law. Yet I am pretty sure his ability to avoid prosecution depends on the fact that he maintains that he has never had a contract for a due date for any cars. The people on the list entered into this arrangement knowing this and willingly. If this business person changes anything to mitigate that delecate balance the power shifts to the consumer.

This sort of model preys on the human ego and the promise of a great value. Dr. Seuss has a story about the "Star Belly Sneech". Everyone could do well to pick up a copy.


The crappy part is we have all fallen for this at some level. Mine? Its the elusive 5 speed.

(Im sure Ive said all of this before...)


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