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New 356 Speedster owner in the UK - hi!

Hi! This week I became the unwitting owner of a 356 Speedster. I say unwitting because I won the car on Monday in an online competition and it was delivered to me on Tuesday! So my head is still a bit fuzzy and not knowing too much about these cars the last couple of days have been a whirlwind of curiosity into the sexy-looking Speedster that is now occupying my garage.

That is why I am here! I already have questions that need answering


I have worked out the history as the car has come with most of the documentation and receipts.
It is a Vintage Speedster model (RHD) built in California in 2007 using a 1961 VW chassis, shipped to Germany where it was first registered and had the engine rebuilt to the owners spec, then transferred to the UK and re-registered before being moved to Jersey (UK) where it lived until 2020. Has done just over 10k miles.

So what are my first impressions? Obviously it's a looker! The paint and bodywork seem to be flawless for a 14 year-old car.
Its very basic! There are no 'added extras', not even a radio (I don't want to be too tempted to add stuff and spend £££$$$'s that don't add value.
It starts and drives sweet and being low to the ground is a bit of fun, although I imagine going at speed (I've not tried yet!) might be a little more nerve-racking as the back end feels twitchy but that might just be me not having driven RWD for a few years!

I've had very little time to be out and about in it so far, so not much else to report right now.

Issues discovered that need attention:

  • The tachometer does not work - I have already found many (MANY!) topics on this site covering this. I've been over it with a multi-meter and the wiring checks out fine.  It's going to need fixing or replacing so if anyone knows any UK-based experts in these things please let me know?
  • The pedals need an overhaul! They really are awkward. The accelerator pedal appears to be a round wobbly metal wheel that is held on to the pedal arm by one M10 bolt. It's loose, and that doesn't aid responsive driving at all! The brake pedal is very close to the wonky gas pedal. I guess this is a standard VW setup, but I'm sure it can be improved.
  • The cabrio/roof clips that attach to the windscreen need replacing. I've seen pictures on other cars that have 3 clips that have one part screwed onto the top of the screen and the other on the front of the roof - these clip together. Mine are not like that - there are just 2 clips that clamp around the top of the screen. They do work...just awkward. Not that I plan to drive it with the roof up (what would be the point in that?!)

I'm yet undecided on whether I will want to keep this car long-term. I'm still buzzing that I won the car right now. Realities of economics might take over my heart. I have another classic car being restored already, along with 2 motorbikes, and the additional expense (and space) of keeping and running this one might prove too much. Then again I might fall in love with the Speedster and sell the other. I'll give it till next spring to decide, when the weather is improved and I'm out on the road with it more often!

So hello! I hope to get some useful info from this site and will surely be asking some questions over the coming months!


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