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Reply to "New 356 Speedster owner in the UK - hi!"

That pedal is weird - looks like they simply removed the actual pedal that rests against the roller and added a larger roller. It must feel so strange. Get it sorted - anything that makes the car less likeable to drive means every day you lose a little love for it.

Thanks Martin. That seems to be exactly what they did, and made the roller a little higher by (loosely) bolting on a bit of pipe! In fact I don't think they ever fitted a pedal due to the way the carpet / mats are cut - there has never been a cut where the pedal would have been so I think the roller pedal was a choice when it was built!

Welcome to the madness @Gilb (UK)

Cost wise, try Footman James for insurance - they're very good and remarkably cheap for a replica car insurance policy. I paid around £130 for the year.

I got insured as soon as the car arrived, with Adrian Flux. £111, I thought very reasonable! I think they gave me a discount because I have my motorbike insured through them. Wasn't sure I should have told them that there's no locks on the car!

I'm unfamiliar with the VW air-cooled engine in this so it will be a good time to learn. The car seems to run well (will drive better once I get that pedal sorted).
I've already had the rev counter fixed and returned to me (used JDO instruments, sent to them on Monday, back repaired on Thursday). It's an odd tach - still bounces around a bit - I believe this is the cheap China copies I keep reading about. I noted that JDO added a permanent live to the wiring. Don't know what they did to the 'innards'.

I replaced the tail lights too this week. Gone are the indicating side-lights. Side lights are now with the red / brake light plus the new chrome bezels look a lot nicer than the pitted old ones.

Have also ordered new shiny bezels and horn grilles for around the front side-lights. Can't help myself adding shiny things £££ !

I don't want to spend any more right now except to fix the pedal and then I expect I'll move the car to storage for the winter as I need my garage space for when the Gilbern returns from its interior resto.

Next spring I will start the servicing and learn a bit more about the car no doubt. Should I be worrind that the previous owner was called Dick Turpin

My daughter has already booked it in to take her to her prom next June Happy times ahead I hope!