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Reply to "New 356 Speedster owner in the UK - hi!"

Welcome to the madness @Gilb (UK)

Having done a restoration on my car last winter I can help with sugegstiins and also give pointers on the best UK parts stores for spares. DM me for any help you need.

That pedal is weird - looks like they simply removed the actual pedal that rests against the roller and added a larger roller. It must feel so strange. Get it sorted - anything that makes the car less likeable to drive means every day you lose a little love for it. Once I got my car sorted and reliable I loved every minute of it. (I'm talking past tense because I recently sold it and now have a new project (more of that in an imminent post guys!)

Cost wise, try Footman James for insurance - they're very good and remarkably cheao for a replica car insurance policy. I paid around £130 for the year.

They're very simple to work on - so much less to worry about.. Key things I'd look at first are:

  • Steering box adjust (unless it already steers well, this is a faff but once you get it right it makes a HUGE difference)
  • Get the tracking done via a garage that knows what it's doing (i.e. mechanic must be over 40 yrs old and know about adjusting Beetle suspension),
  • Do a compression check (tricky to do given limited space but will help give a clear idea of health of engine)
  • Do an oil change and
  • Set valve clearances

Have fun (and the Gilbern looks seriously retro-cool!)