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New 550 owner oil change question

Just bought my 550A!

2002 Beck/Thunder Ranch w/2250 Scat motor. Bought on B.A.T. and shipped from Pennsylvania to Seattle just this week! Stunningly beautiful from any angle!!!2002_thunder_ranch_1956_550a_spyder_replica_15714177583d0cc68b9feeHD3A80762002_thunder_ranch_1956_550a_spyder_replica_15676231739f98764daIMG_03002002_thunder_ranch_1956_550a_spyder_replica_15714184610cc68b9feecd87HD3A8143

The car has the 911 style fan shroud and remote oil filter. I would really like to do my first oil change but cannot find where to add the oil!

Do I need to remove the shroud?

This will probably become obvious (if not a little embarrassing) once this mystery is resolved.

Pictures to follow!




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  • 2002_thunder_ranch_1956_550a_spyder_replica_15714177583d0cc68b9feeHD3A8076
  • 2002_thunder_ranch_1956_550a_spyder_replica_15676231739f98764daIMG_0300
  • 2002_thunder_ranch_1956_550a_spyder_replica_15714184610cc68b9feecd87HD3A8143
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