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New Beck Super Coupe

I am very excited and happy to announce that I now a new member of the Beck family. This past week I signed the Order Form and sent in my deposit to purchase a new Beck Super Coupe.

I elected to build it in an "Outlaw Style". I chose Slate Gray as the exterior color with an Oxblood leather interior.

My build will not utilize the Subaru motor, but instead will utilize a 3.2 L Boxster S motor and a 5 speed out of a Base Boxster. They have to use the 5 speed because the 6 speed from the Boxster S is too long. The motor is being built by Jake Raby from Flat 6. It will have approximately 280 HP at the flywheel and 260 at the rear wheels.

Some of the other highlights for my build are:

  1. Center Fuel Cap.
  2. Twin Marchal Driving Lights.
  3. Fuchs Wheels.
  4. Leather Hood Straps.
  5. Headlight Screens/Grills.
  6. Twin Raydyot Replica Mirrors.
  7. Roll Bar (Painted to Match the Body)
  8. Nardi Steering Wheel.
  9. Custom Dash with Black/White Gauges.
  10. Drilled Pedals.
  11. Bee Hive Tail Lights.
  12. Twin Center Tip/Outlet Custom Performance Exhaust.

    Joel Roth, Miami, Florida.

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