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New exhaust to cure a hot-running engine

In a previous post, a few of you commented that my VS standard issue exhaust isn’t helping my 1915cc engine. For one, it may well be contributing to my engine running hot when stuck in our infamous CA traffic. 

A little background, the only “upgrade” I have done to date to my 2013 VS 1915cc engine is a CB Performance 2-qt wide glide oil sump (1709).

A local VW mechanic recommended a CB Performance 3510 A-1 Sidewinder Ceramic Coates exhaust for my speedster, as a method to assist it running a bit cooler when stopped.

I thought I would bring this suggestion to the group before I ordered.

As a side note, I do much prefer the dual exhaust out of the back versus the single.  I don’t know if that is a drawback or not.

As mentioned in my earlier post, the car maintains 195-210 degrees (verified by an un-verified candy thermometer in the dipstick) when running at 70-75mph on the freeway.  It also maintains those temps when driving on backroads between 25mph-50mph.

I only start getting anxious when stopped in heavy traffic.  Especially when outside temps are 85-degrees and above.  What I have been doing to remedy this is to review weather against normal traffic patterns, before setting out on my adventures. If temps are 85-degrees on a route that normally has heavy traffic patterns, I take my daily driver  




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