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Reply to "New exhaust to cure a hot-running engine"

Your responses exemplify the power of this group; from the various comments I have received in the past 24 hours, to highlighting a potential issue on a found image (which may very well be my engine bay) to providing an amazing chart comparing CFMs of a variety of heads on the market. 

Thank you. 

I have uploaded a number of photos I just snapped of my engine bay, and underside of the car. Hoping this helps. 

To add, I’ve put on 6,000+ miles on my speedster in the past 25 months how long I’ve owned the Speedster). Perhaps I’m making mountains out of molehills here. Obviously my “issues” haven’t kept me from having a fun time in my car. I just curtail my experiences around temps and traffic conditions. I’ve been stuck in some major bummers of traffic jams; at which point my anxiety levels rise with my wonderful Chinese temperature gauge.  My oil has been changed (and valves adjusted) three times since taking possession; the last two times the oil was not dark and thick, only slightly different in tone than when it went in. 

Thanks again for your comments, assistance and feedback.



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  • 3B8CE3E3-4BB9-45E9-87D3-4853233363D6
  • 6A338499-F462-4FE4-83FD-952C0E6365C2
  • 21349A3F-830E-40A8-A4A5-5BA7DECE810D
  • 68FD5AE7-6220-4454-A848-4AAA132F057E
  • 1B0363A5-5BAA-491F-9C7B-065C4AB02A8E
  • 3A9E3B67-33E2-41B2-8C16-5134B9E25567
  • ECE70EB9-1DB3-40D6-8C83-479CDFF7D5F1
  • DA72C321-AFF7-4514-A11D-F9229D8B4350
  • 2EBCE690-9F7B-4D1B-913E-7ECF5F23FFF3
  • E40417B0-7E79-44C5-AFEF-79CBA7370BAC
  • 1B115531-C1F1-4A6D-98D9-E05EBBD55CB5
  • B62404A1-45BB-4026-A355-28D45AF5518B
  • AF766880-F3F8-42F7-90CA-34F5F48D4955
  • 9556C4AF-F992-4778-AE46-EEAE06DC553E