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@KenTO posted:

1. As I will only be driving it once a week or less, how do I prevent the battery from draining? Is a plug in tender an option?

2. What is the procedure for winter storage? Top up or down and car cover? Hyperinflate tires? Put battery on a tender? Fuel stabilizer?

3. What should I look for when picking up the car? It is brand new.

4. This is the controversial bit. I want to have the car look more "Porsche" like, so would like to add a rear Porsche emblem and one on the dash. What is a good place to get these from and how do I apply it?

5. Any one know of a good mechanic in Toronto who could maintain it? it could take it to the dealer (Pfaff McLaren/Reserve) but they would charge me an arm and a leg.

5. Any other advice for a newbie? It would be nice to have a sticky with all the Newbie advice on it. Perhaps it is on the site but I haven't found it.

1. Buy a trickle charger and plug it in.

2. Store it top up, side curtains in, with a cover. Put the tender on it and use a good fuel stabilizer (I use StaBil red). Tire inflation is up to you; 36 lbs would be good probably. You'll be running lower pressures in-season.

3. @Gordon Nichols has a book-length list. Really just make sure nothing's loose or leaking, tires are inflated and you should be fine.

4. Stoddard. You want the 8-inch script. You can carefully drill holes for them or do what many here do and grind the studs off the emblems and use 3m double-sided emblem tape, carefully trimmed to fit. In many cases the 'glass body is a little too thick for the speed nuts to get the studs anyway so a little adhesive is often needed regardless.

5. ...

6. Yes it would.