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Reply to "New Seats are here! Now who has gone NASA and can provide feedback?"

My seats came with those sliders. I wanted to be as low as possible, (I have a Spyder) so I ditched them and bolted the rear of my seats to the floor and raised the front with spacers.

I wanted to minimize the holes drilled in the floor, so I mounted some flat stock to the bottom with a few holes in the rear for future adjustments. I just had to drill two new holes for the front since I was using the existing rear holes. This leaves me with just two unused holes, but having some holes in the floorboard is good for drainage.

Seat 1seat 2seat 3

Maybe one day I'll replace that stack of spacers with a nice peace of wood or aluminum. I also did the same to the passenger seat.


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  • Seat 1
  • seat 2
  • seat 3
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