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Newbie in Portland Oregon!

F94C3502-5B4A-4E30-9620-891187EBFEAC5480D179-A814-44C5-AD64-13BD4D002CAC5CCEA207-8CA8-4520-B135-B6C174BCC43850251D98-5410-4D49-AD64-E798E7F3336EFound what I think is a gem, just two hours away.  It’s on a 70 vw pan, and was build by Vintage Speedsters in 2009.  I’ve been lurking and hunting for a while.  Seller bought it to flip, and doesn’t know much about them.  Has a 2.2 NA engine, with the radiator mounted in the front boot.  Red, with peanut butter brown interior.   Had a friend in the area test drive it, and he says it starts, drives, shifts and corners amazingly.  Said it has manual brakes, so stopping has to be “planned”.  I pick it up this coming Tuesday, as that’s when he will have the title in hand.  

Any advice, comments, or questions are appreciated!!



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  • F94C3502-5B4A-4E30-9620-891187EBFEAC
  • 5480D179-A814-44C5-AD64-13BD4D002CAC
  • 5CCEA207-8CA8-4520-B135-B6C174BCC438
  • 50251D98-5410-4D49-AD64-E798E7F3336E
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