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Do you have any pictures of your set up?

Not super relevant, as I've got a dry-sump, but this part of the piping is not dry-sump specific, and could be (and was) used before I did the conversion.

Here's the best pictures I've got.image_50401025image_50455553image_50431745


The top picture shows the orientation of the filter base and oil cooler. The filter base is a JayCee part - it's a pressure bypass filter base. If the oil pressure rises above 80 psi, it bypasses into the sump of the engine. That's the line labeled "bypass".

The hard-line coming into the center of the filter base is the AccuSump line. I've got the AccuSump mounted inside the engine compartment running east/west just behind the license plate.

The two AL hard lines underneath the filter base are the lines from the Mocal thermostatic bypass filter base, and run to the 96 plate cooler. I had a radiator shop seal off the bottom threads on the cooler, and I tapped AN fittings into the sides of those fittings (which were then AL-soldered) so that no fittings stuck below the bottom of the fender.

The second picture is with all the braided lines pulled off, but you can see the orientation of the filter and cooler in the wheel well. The bottom picture is the entire layout with the dry-sump lines.

When I do an oil change, I don't lose a drop.


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  • image_50401025
  • image_50455553
  • image_50431745
  • image_50449153
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