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Reply to "Oil filter mounting location"

20180827_12201320180827_12203320180827_11581420180830_082403@Stan Galat : Extra ingenuity points for the Accusump plumbing into the oil filter mount! I wouldn't have thought of that. How easy/hard was it to bend up the aluminum hard lines? That looks great, and again, ingenious.

Bonus points for the custom oil tank.

The Autocraft pump looks identical to the NLA Bugpack, with the exception of the scavenge/suction connection. The Autocraft does that externally on mine through a bolt-on sump plate.

The cool thing about Autocraft is they'll build whatever you want. I specified AN-10 on suction and pressure stage inlets. They also do what they call a 1.5 stage that uses the VW pickup tube. 52mm suction and 26mm pressure gear sizes.


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