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Reply to "Oil Temp is driving me nuts"

@Bobby D posted:

Took the speedster out today for nice run.  Outside temp was 75*.   Oil temp climbed to 220* but CHT was only at 280*.  I have an external oil cooler mounted under the driver side read seat.  It kicks in at 180*.  The engine bay is all sealed up.

I am thinking about getting the DTM shroud, welded fan and smaller 356 alternator pulley to speed up the fan.

Any other thoughts or ideas?

Bobby, do you have a Type I or IV engine? Like Stan said, a DTM is a pretty expensive solution. When faced with overheating issues I went another route.

According to some info Jake Raby posted in The Samba, the only shroud  he tested that even came close to a DTM was the original Thing shroud, which was re-engineered because VW assumed that Things driven off road would be going slower at high rpms. It was a close second to the DTM.

The good news, a company called Cooled1 makes a repro, and sells a kit that includes the shroud and a larger Type IV oil cooler. I bought mine from them, along with the bigger fan, but IIRC, someone in the states sells them now. (AA Piston??) All in I think it was ~$550, including shipping from Canada and import duty.  

Problem Jake reported is that a lot of cheap aftermarket shrouds have bogus, or worse, missing, internal baffles. Which, I believe, is why Carey asked if you had a chrome one. They’re the worst. The one I replaced had 1.

More than you ever wanted to know about shrouds.


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