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Polished Vintage 190s and Drum Skins

Here are some pics of my CMC with Polished Vintage 190s  and drum skins.  These are 4.5" wheels with a 4" back spacing. I put 165-65-15 Falkan G4 tires on them. I tried putting 185-65-15s on them but Americas Tires would not mount them (bastards!!!). They look great and I am very happy with Gregs efforts.


'56 356A Carrera Speedster Replica


Images (9)
  • Left side view of CMC with Vintage 190s and drum skins
  • Right front wheel closeup of Vintage 190 and drum skin
  • Right front wheel with Vintage 190 and drun skin
  • Left front wheel closeup oof Vintage 190 and drum skin
  • Right rear wheel Closeup of Vintage 190
  • Left rear wheel with Vintage190 and drum skin
  • Left front Vintage 190 and drum skin
  • CMC front view w Vintage 190s #2
  • CMC Left Front View with Vintage 190s
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