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I am recently back from vacation and ready to get the Puma work started. I pulled the sick 2110/48 weber engine out yesterday. I was a snap. I pulled in alone in 2 hours and it took a better part of an hour to mark all the wiring as I disconnected it. The car has same type of fancy higher energy spark creating ignition deal . Does anyone know this brand of ignition system? I have always used a good high output Bosch coil and a Pertronix ignition setup in a 009 distributor and that has done fine. Sometimes people install super high energy (supposedly) system thinking it will fix an issue that is really rich carb settings or not running a fuel pressure gauge on Weber carbs and gas is blasting past the shut off seats.

 Having a lift makes engine removal easier. I have a rolling table that fits between the rails of the lift. Once the engine bolts are removed the car is lowered until the oil pan is sitting on the table. I then yack the engine away from the transaxle and onto the table then raising the lift and car up and away from the engine sitting on the table.

 I am going to drop the engine off to the engine builder Monday. The exhaust is going to be swapped for an A1 1 5/8" Sidewinder. More to come as the engine guy takes the engine apart. I may pull the heads today if I have time just to see the actual type of head compared to the info. I was given and find out why number 3 cylinder has super low compression.  Oh and I am going to remove the stage 3 pressure plate and install a stage 1 like it should have. I stage 3 would handle a 400 hp V8. 

Puma engine out to rebuild 4

Puma ignitionPuma engine out to rebuild 2Puma engine out to rebuild 1Puma GTE 2110 30


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  • Puma engine out to rebuild 2
  • Puma engine out to rebuild 1
  • Puma engine out to rebuild 4
  • Puma GTE 2110 30
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