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Reply to "Registration in Tennessee"

Thanks Gordon.

I am still in line for our Beck build, but expect it to be completed by April/May of 2022.

I have done quite a bit of research on this and found that in the state of Tennessee, when you are registering a brand new replica car, or kit car; you are supposed to register it as replica of the  year make and model of what it most closely represents. So this means that it would be registered as a Special Edition/Beck Porsche 356 with the year being 1957.

Here's the verbiage on titling as a replica:

55-3-130. Title to replica model custom-built car.

Title to a custom-built car for which no certificate of title has ever been issued by the division may be titled as the make, model and year of the manufactured motor vehicle that the custom-built car most closely resembles; provided, however, that the car is intended to replicate the make, model and year of the manufactured vehicle; and provided further, that the title clearly identifies the custom-built car as a replica.

Once this step is completed, it is a lottery on whether or not you can get the antique tags. I have heard it depends on which representative you get when getting your tags.

I hope this helps. But would like to stay in touch as the story further develops.