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Reply to "Replica Recognition"

@DannyP posted:

Every single bit of THAT^^^^^

At Lime Rock Vintage festival a few weeks ago(Labor Day weekend) I pulled in right behind a real 356. It was a 1958 Carrera, four cam 547 and all. Crankshaft-mounted distributors. Sweet car. Really, really nice.

We pull in to the PORSCHE car corral, and his first words: "I thought I had the most expensive car here until you were behind me. Now I see it's just a kit car".

What a total butthole. He then went on to say "I don't buy a car unless it's seven figures". Yup, there's your sign...I walked away saying nothing. He clearly is NOT a car guy, he's a I-have-more-money-than-you guy.

He came alone, left alone. I'm not surprised, even a little bit.

I came and met Lenny and Mike there, and had a great day WITH FRIENDS. Also met David Fuhrer(Speedster now) and Al Baran(TR 550), which some of you may know from Spyderclub. I'd rather have friends. Car guys all.

How does that old saying go? “The price of everything and the value of nothing?”

@IndianBob posted:

I have a Porsche engine in my replica and also I am a member of 356 Registry, so I sort of feel only like half a snob😂

I’ve used the 356Registry for research extensively since I bought my Spyder, but I’ve never tried to join. (I’d like to, just to support them) From day one, I’ve sensed a definite anti “kit car” vibe from them. Kind of like the PCA Social Club and Drama School Las Vegas region that permanently soured me on the PCA. (I guess my 1 of 59 968 didn’t stack up against the run-of-the-mill 993’s and 996’s)

Maybe they’re changing.

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