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Reply to "Replica Recognition"

Yeah to  your DD  category one, I do oil, summer to winter tires, sometimes brakes but not much else.

’ I stopped riding motorcycles when I felt like it wasn't the bike holding me back any more, it was my lack of skill.’

For me it was that on the long trips I was too bored, and I just felt like I always wanted to bury the needle so after a few close calls I realized I would be more comfortable in something I could stretch out in.

" I like to improve both my mechanical skillset and my ability to drive, but owning a vehicle that's not much fun until it's going 150 mph leaves me a bit cold. A newer 911 seems like I'm along for the ride. "Driver's aids" like manuals that heel-and-toe for me, and stability controls that save my bacon if I come into a corner too hot leave me perplexed."

That is exactly what new cars do, click click click. and take you to dinner.

I just read somewhere of some guy who keeps getting tickets with his new Model S, he says it's too quiet and he has no idea how fast he is going so he has to continually use his cruise control as he is near to losing his permit.

I'm with you Category two is the most fun.  

I also get a lot of satisfaction at adding new custom features to my car, to improve or make some adjustments in creature comforts.

I have also a personal category of vehicles that I have been doing body work on. This one also is a DD,  I am following Al's advice and making a lot of holes everywhere to lighten it up, taking excess weight off, for better aerodynamics, manoeverability and comfort, and it has really made a difference in the quality of the experience.  Very visceral.  It had to all sorts of new sheet metal changes to recover the unit.  

This DD happens to be a meat sack, that I can't escape and I take with me.  

Losing 4 pants sizes actually has made me realize how the carbon unit impacted my modifications on my current speedster.