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Rhode Island Spyder Project

My Spyder project started in earnest this week.  The guys at Special Editions wrapped up my Basic Body Package along with some additional parts packages and shipped them to me last week. 

Working with the Special Edition guys has been a pleasure, timely responses and detailed answers to my questions.  I initially placed the order with Kevin, Brad handled most of the contract stuff and communication, Carey provided the technical support.

I've just started putting it together, but so far the completeness of the parts packages has been impressive.  Nicely organized hardware packages with everything I've needed so far, saving a lot of trips to the hardware store.

I have a 2165 VW engine that I assembled from a CB Builder's Choice package.  I broke it in on my Sand Rail last summer.  I also have a new Rancho transmission that has no time on it yet.  I'm planning on getting the engine and transmission installed over the next couple of weeks.  My first goal is to get it rolling.

I'm sure that I'm going to have questions.  From what I've seen watching this forum over the last few months, group support is generous and prompt, thank you in advance.



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