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GC posted:

Hi - does anyone know if Stephen Lawing from specialty auto-sports is still in operation? I paid a deposit for a 356A 3 years ago and haven’t heard from him nor can get hold of him for any update.

I’ve just found a spate of recent complaints about him and hoping someone on this site may be able to assist 


Hi, i am not sure but suspect not. After I messaged his website address and got no reply, and just after I reached out to this group, I received a couriered hard copy letter from Steve with the 1660 Beason ridge road address. It stated the following;

Seems I have failed to notify you of some changes we have had to go through because of a malware attack on our website in late 2017. It was so malevolent it destroyed our computer and i had to have a new one built.

The new computer has all the updated features and Windows 10 software which unfortunately does not support the various software packages I have been using for the last 20+ years. So I am unable to use my old email Outlook software, my website development and management software, and several other important software's I use regularly. So I have been working with a local Computer Nerd group to find software that will work with both my new computer and old files. No luck so far.

My email address on the website is non functioning and I am unable to open the website to change the email, update the photos and prices etc. until we find software that will work with my files and new computer. However the mailing address is the same as is the phone number so I can be reached.

Aside from that problem the design and development of our cars continues and all cars in the build queue are benefiting from these improvements. These include fine tuning the new rear and front suspension which were offered about the time you placed an order. The convertible top and rollup windows has also been improved dramatically. These are all appearing on the cars with no change in price.

Sorry we lost contact during the computer recovery efforts and I suggest you use regular mail until my Computer guys can get me back up and running on the website.

The correct address and phone number is shown on the letterhead of this letter (1660 beacon Ridge Road, New Tazewell, Tennessee (865-925-2500))

Look forward to hearing from you. Your car is moving forward and the alterations you needed for RHD had to wait to be incorporated into the other improvements we have made.

Hand signed by Steve

Seems to convenient that after 3 years of no comms, a few weeks after my emails and calls I receive the above letter. Given the feedback from the group, I suspect the business has already folded. Of course I hope not, but Im not holding out much hope at this stage