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Reply to "Spyder: Aquamarine Blue Metallic?"

I have to admit, some years ago I slipped into “Get Off My Lawn” territory and one of the signs of being an old fuddy duddy is being a strict traditionalist. Factory Spyders originally were four colors, White, Red, Silver and this “baby-puke green.”

368D6503-A8C1-44D3-8A43-6345C40A9B99Additionally, several were painted French Racing Blue for French racing drivers.

My friend Bill, who’s a long time Florida racer and Porsche guy told me that prior to Brumos adopting their Red/White/Blue, their race cars were Orange, and afaik, this is a picture of Peter Gregg’s 550 so liveried.

But the bottom line: Paint it whatever color you like. It’s not like it’s going to lose points at a concours because it’s not the OEM color. The only consideration is if you ever plan on selling it, if may be hard to find someone who loves your atypical color as much as you do.


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  • 368D6503-A8C1-44D3-8A43-6345C40A9B99
  • 66D5CF07-AB3C-4212-AA1F-81FE06540782
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