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Reply to "Spyder: Aquamarine Blue Metallic?"

Danny sounds very "New England", there - Just blue or white.  The West Coasters seem to be more daring in Spyder color choices.

I'm digging trough a lot of old Carlisle photos, but here is Carey Hines' "Old Blue" and yes, I know it's a Speedster but it might give you some ideas:

HR_67Me and Chris

A Silver one for Danny:


Actually, I've see a bunch of different Spyder colors and several shades of blue, along with one ar Amelia Island Concours in "Big Bird" yellow.  

Dark blue with white or light blue darts looks good.  Red darts, too.  Metallic Silver darts on a dark blue body might look cool - Photoshop might be your friend, here.


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  • HR_67
  • Me and Chris
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