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Reply to "Spyder: Aquamarine Blue Metallic?"

I'm with Dave, although I've seen an original 550 Spyder (#57?) in something close to Bali Blue and it supposedly had never been repainted.  I'll see if I can find a photo.   I also think that if a buyer were to throw enough money at Porsche they would paint a car almost any color.

Rats...  It's an MP4 but I get an error trying to load it.   Sorry, but it's close to the color of Lane's car.

So paint it whatever color your like - It's YOUR car!  

I've seen some really cool Porsches at the track in some really great, non-Porsche liveries.  Colors outside of New England, and especially from the west coast, are more vibrant.  Here's Prarit's car in "Graphite" and with the Ox blood interior!

Prarit frontPrarit rear

I've often wondered, if this forum had been around when I was building Pearl, would I have been talked into leaving her in her original black or done a different color?

I like the direction I took, and a couple of other cars I've seen at Carlisle have used essentially the same color base coat as mine so I know it's been a hit, even if not an official "Speedster" color.  I just really like it.

Pearl's happy, too.

Smiling Pearl

They even have a name for it now. “Paint to Sample” or PTS in code-speak.

re: mp4, save it to your phone. Hit edit. Do anything. (A slight recrop is the easiest) then save it. Your phone will save the edited version as a jpeg.