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Went down to meet with Greg leach at VMC yesterday and came home pretty excited ! While there I finally met Todd M for the first time. A very nice Gentleman to say the least and very into his Suby Coupe build.

I'm sorry to say that the Mendeola front suspension is just not possible for a VMC built Spyder frame. It was returned to Kevin at Mendeola. 

Greg called me and said to bring down my Suby transaxle when I come down. He has his mock-up Suby engine positioned and clamped in place and needed the transaxle to connect and start on the rear suspension (IRS). This will take a week or two then the whole frame assembly is off to one of his suspension builders to make a front "A- Arm" suspension that attaches to the existing front frame. I forgot to ask Greg who the builder is for this part but will next time I talk to him. So now there will be progress. Greg mentioned that the exhaust system may have to go over the top rather than underneath but that will be determined later.

Here's some photos I took. Sorry that they aren't more exciting but they will be good for my photo archive later. That is my transaxle in the background with Rusty checking it out.  Rusty (Grumpy) is a very knowledgeable and resourceful craftsman and a real asset  to VMC. He has been "around the horn a few times" and just knows things !...............Bruce



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