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Steering wheel, mirror, and general aesthetics (black on black)

Feel a bit bad, I'm the only person posting topics in this forum, but you guys have been great with answers. Feel free to beat me up when I ask too many.


I've got a horrible steering wheel that came along from last owner.

Appears a typical replacement for 356 is the Banjo, I'm okay with that (black), but not a fan of the ivory. I'm more a fan of the two spoke banjo, or old Chavel wheels. The less the better in my book, don't care if it's not 356 canon.

I get migraines, so not a fan of lots of chrome (reflected light). I gather I need a wheel, hub, horn button and attachment kit? The issue I have is that most places don't tell you what you need - or include the set. My current wheel appears to have 6 screws (if that matters - sigh).

Horn buttons - the simpler the better, black or something that mimics the baby moon hubcaps works for me.

Anyone know where to source a reasonably priced, reproduction wheel?


My garage 'lost' my original mirror - with clamp and tension rod. I can find the mirror and clamp places like Sierra Madre - but can't locate the full set with all the mounting hardware?


Finally, currently my car is black with red interior (first shot), a little tacky as it's not real leather. Also not a fan of the red - looks bling, but typical. I was thinking of going black on black - real leather (last two photos) - has anyone seen a 356 like this? Look good?

If I go this route - what do you think for the knob set and steering wheel? Black or ivory?



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  • Existing wheel
  • Banjo
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