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Ray & Danny.......Again ! The wealth of knowledge rear's it's head on this site.  I wasn't aware of the potential issue of lube starvation on acceleration if the engine was reversed such as when it's installed in a Speedster. Thank you both for your input !

Now I'm reassured that I need not have to think about transaxle reinforcement like I did with the VW unit.  Over the years I have learned something about myself.  I absolutely hate doing car repairs.  Repair of a blown gear box is boring as hell ! Original overhauls are fine. However,  modifying/improving and fabrication are my passion ! Everyone has a creative vein in them and this is mine. To me, nothing excites me more than creating something in my mind and bringing it to reality.  Not everything I do is a success. Many of my little projects end up in the trash can or over the wall into the hedge if it was particularly ugly.  Sometimes I think I should do more private posts on here to get my questions answered and not waste others time but then, for me, I enjoy and value articles of info others post here. Thank you to everyone who takes the time to give me their opinion or suggestions.............Bruce

The only dumb question is the question not asked on the forum. We all could learn a thing or two from each other. Ask away.

What Robert said, Bruce. That's why we're here.

And the Subaru uses a hypoid ring & pinion for strength, like the late VW bus transaxle does. That's how (or 1 of the reasons) such small r&p's survive the power outputs put to them.

Ring & pinion-Hypoid-Gears-Offset

The offset allows the pinion head to be bigger, which "provides more contact area and better tooth strength, which (in turn) allows more torque to be transmitted and high gear ratios (up to 200:1) to be used." The type 1 r&p, otoh, is not offset and as such has a smaller pinion head, but is the most efficient. Perfectly fine for a stock Beetle, but (as we all know, some of us oh too well!) it can be trouble when we start putting more power to it. 

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Ps- I always wondered why the Ford 9" r&p was the strongest- look at the size of that pinion head! You'll have to click on the link down below- I can't make it come up as a Jpg file so it's a simple pic.

I'll leave it up to you to research if more offset equals being more inefficient.

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