Reply to "Subaru Speedster for sale"

Stan Galat posted:
edsnova posted:

Wait...this car has a SIX Speed Rancho transmission??

Please, more info on that.

DannyP posted:

Maybe a Mendeola? $$$$$$$$$$$

"Please more info on that" seems pretty self-explanatory.

You list the car as having a six-speed transmission. Do you have more details? That's something nobody here has ever encountered.

Like I said when I replied to him, I don't really know what else I can add. I'm not mechanically knowledgable when it comes to cars, which is part of why I had the Subie switch done. John Steele did the conversion. The car has six speeds, and no that does not include reverse. 

If you ask me for pics of a certain area or something, I'd be happy to get them. But I don't have much to add besides that it has six speeds. I was unaware that this is a thing no one has seen here, but I've been driving manual cars my whole life and the thing has six gears. And yes, by the time you get into the sixth gear, you're moving pretty fast. 

If there is a way for me to get you more information, please let me know.


Oh and, I don't even know what Mendeola means.