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Reply to "Thunder Ranch build thread"

Continuing. Gonna start final smoothing and paint on the inner clam this weekend (fingers crossed). Here's a selection of inner clams (all oriented similarly) for comparison purposes:

550-0090 (the one Spyder Factory, Alloy Cars, etc. all copy):clam detail1 0090 copy

Here's one from a UK-based high-end replica maker:

UK alumkit inner clam copy

from Rusty Tubs' $4,500+ fiberglass "clam correction" kit:

rustys inner clam copy

And Ed's homemade Crinkle Clam (TM):IMG_9258 copy


Images (4)
  • clam detail1 0090 copy
  • UK alumkit inner clam copy
  • rustys inner clam copy
  • IMG_9258 copy