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Reply to "Thunder Ranch build thread"

This is what my car looks like. It's a coil spring instead of a torsion spring like yours, so I have a little more room in that area. You also have more of a fiberglass shelf than I do. My rear hydro brake lines also "T" at the firewall, which I think is typical.

Engine comp s

I would like to redo my fuel line situation in the near future. Lessen some of the rubber hose. I also prefer the spring clamp versus the worm drive clamps. I also need to shield my clutch hydro line in a spot where it gets pretty close to the exhaust.

E brake cables

Where the two tubes come through the firewall, I would've liked them to have been stacked vertically instead of side by side, and a little closer to the center of the car. This would make for a little more clearance with my passenger seat.

When I bolted the rear of my seats to the floor, and tilted them back, I had to make a metal shield so the turnbuckle on the cable adjusters wouldn't tear up the leather on the seat. This might be a point of interest for you since you have the opportunity to correct this, if it applies to your seating situation. 

I think your seats will be farther off of the floor than mine are, so you might not even have an issue.


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  • Engine comp s
  • E brake cables