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Reply to "Thunder Ranch build thread"

Making all the holes for the emblems now, and the latch covers and the belts and buckles and what-not. 

Of course I drilled the holes off center on the back first try, as the script's middle pin is not in the middle. You guys all knew that probably.

No big deal though—just filled the holes, sanded it down to 220 and did it again—which is why I'm doing this now instead of after it's clear-coated.



I'm going to install the lights and the mirror (just ordered from Vintage as the one that came with the kit wasn't quite perfect) after this. Basically everything that screws or rivets to the car, then take it all apart and give it a bath and start block sanding. The body isn't too bad but there's some chips and pinholes here and there so I want to do a microscopic inspection and filler session before final wet-blocking it for paint.

—Hey! or maybe I should rat/"barn-find" it instead? What do you all think?



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