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When I went to put the sideview mirror on a few weeks ago I noticed it was broken. Easy enough to re-attach the glass but when I looked at the's TINY! And also the silver seemed to be fading or delaminating on the edges. You know how old mirrors sometimes get those brown spots?

No good.

So I emailed Beck about getting another one and heard nothing back. Greg at Vintage has the part advertised so I ordered from him.

Look at the difference in size.


Top is the Thunder Ranch piece, shipped circa 2008 and boxed in bubble wrap ever since. I got one of these for each side and they're now for sale. Anyone want a set of compact GT mirrors?


Here you can see how the New Vintage Spyder model's glass is about 60-70 percent larger. It's just a much more useable piece. You can also sort of see the edge delaminate or whatever it is on the original TR mirror. It would never have bothered me but since it ain't gonna be my car I figured I better remedy it.

And so there shall be additional remedies needed. The new piece—for $144 delivered—came out of the box a bit rough.


I'm sanding everything anyway so I guess it's no biggie. Still though: you guys primed this? Why not make it smooth first?


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