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Ed, I don't know Spyders, but making the wheels in the two photos the same size and comparing may make things a little clearer:

- The two photos are taken from different angles and with different lenses - the older car was shot with a longer (more telephoto) lens, so the perspective is compressed. Near things seem closer to more distant things than in the other photo.

- That said, it looks like the steering column in the original may emerge from the dash a little lower (or maybe farther from the tach) than in your car.

- It looks like the steering column in the original may be at a different angle from the horizontal, maybe angled a little higher, so if the two hubs were in exactly the same place, the top of the wheel in the original would end up closer to the dash

- The top of the eyebrow in the original may extend out from the dash a little farther than in your car.

- The 'collar' on the steering column in front of the wheel (whatever that's called) seems to be wider on your car than in the original.

- It's very possible, though, that I'm delusional. The older I get, the less I seem to understand about how many things work in this world.




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