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Reply to "Thunder Ranch build thread"

Thanks, guys. My wheel is 5 inches from the top of the eyebrow. I could maybe tuck it in an inch if I pull the shaft and cut it and re-slot it for the coupler, then pull the column, cut off the mount and weld it back on an inch further up. Doing that would push the signal switch in an inch too, to about an inch and three quarters from the dash. 

I was all set to get on with it just now when I reached down and pulled the light switch.


If I push that signal switch housing in an inch it'll be very tight to the light switch.

I do think when I tighten up the light switch it should straighten out and clear OK though. 

That should leave the wheel about 4 inches off the dash, pretty close to where Carlos G's is. 

I also figured out how this happened.

When I popped the wheel on a month or two ago and discovered the steering was a bit sloppy, I also noticed that the steering box was cocked forward a few degrees. The shaft from the box was not lining up perfectly to the steering shaft. 

So I turned the box just a little on the beam so the shafts lined up, then tightened everything down. That probably pushed the steering wheel into the cockpit about an inch. 

@Kevin - Bay Area  I really like that A car. Had not seen that one before.

@Stan Galat I'm 5'7" and 155 don't make me come over there. 


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