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Shift linkage/bracket adjustment continues apace!

Reverse gear is not reachable by standard means yet unless the works are adjusted such that it is the only gear that can be selected.

I pondered this phenom for a bit and finally decided that my home-brewed gate selector bracket is not yet ready for the big leagues, and set about adding a triangle to it for stiffening purposes.






I designed this as a bolt-on but, having tacked it together, I find I can't remove it without taking at least one of the two brackets off the trans, so I'll probably end up welding it to both brackets to make them into one big bracket like Brandwood made originally. 

It's admittedly no longer elegant but it should not draw undue attention to itself under the spare tire.

For those needing a refresher here's my November, 2017 blog post on why I decided to make this mess instead of just using the stock bracket like a sane person.


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