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Reply to "Thunder Ranch build thread"

Synching the carbs. I also noticed the oil temp gauge isn't working right. Never got above 80 and really barely touched it and would bounce back down to like 45C. 

I ran it for like an hour and a half. It got so the oil filter housing was pretty dang warm, so I know it's warmed up.

I ended up switching the oil gauge wires, pressure for temp and back again. Pretty sure it's wired correctly. The sender is new can came from Hartmut. Weird. If anyone has any ideas about this I'm all ears.

Anyway I got the cylinders all firing and the snail to show the same on all four holes.


Also got the clutch adjusted pretty close. All four gears and R, babies. 

Jacked the rear up two inches to check clearances between the axle boots and the exhaust. It's good enough that I might not even have to redesign the underpan before reinstalling.


I'm going to copy Danny's limiting straps to prevent the possibility of jacking out back; 2 inches in that direction seems like plenty.  


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