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Thanks, Danny.

Problem with Macs is that they haven't had serial ports since the Eisenhower administration. (OK, I wax hyperbolic.)

So, if there's no USB option, Macs are out, I guess. There may still be some kind of hardware solution for Mac that emulates a serial connection via USB, but I haven't heard of such a thing in years. Next question is does CBP supply software that will load on a Mac? Anyone? Bueller?

And, again, can you run the Black Box at all without some kind of vacuum feed? If so, does it seriously compromise performance to do so? In other words, if you get the box, should you assume you'll need to hook up a vacuum feed, too?




I had a whole dissertation typed up about this and I went to scour the Internet for some pics and it vanished. Long story short, you can buy a Dell D630 with an actual serial port, loaded with XP Pro on eBay for ~$80. I have a fuel injected motorcycle and I could never get usb/PC card to serial adapters to work consistently. Now I have a laptop for running the Walbro software and my Mercedes SDS exclusively. Bulletproof. 

Also, be aware that all "009s" are not created equally. There's a ton of info on about distributors. The best are the German ones, followed by the Brazillian ones. The Mexican ones are better than the Chinese ones (the only ones still in production) but not by much.  Easy to tell, the Mexican and Chinese ones aren't labeled. 

I lucked out. One of the two best Bosch guys in the country lives in SLC and he had a German 009 in his scrap heap that he sold to me for the cost of the refurb. and I'm going to use it for an optical trigger on the XR700 electronic ignition I'm about ready to install. 


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  • image: German 009
  • image: Brazillian 009
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