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Reply to "Thunder Ranch build thread"

Thanks for the input, guys. Cards on the table, no bluffing. 

We went for like a 3-4 mile spin this afternoon and the car is doing pretty well. What a thrill to even just tool around in this beast!


Brake pedal is still low but I can lock them up. Possibly the left front locked first. Haven't gone fast enough to really test and bed the pads yet.

Brake line adaptor fittings are on the way. I also cured the brake line rub in the left rear fender well and touched up the paint there and installed the edge guards. 


Ride height seems set and I'm learning how to get in and out of the driveway without dragging the tail. 

Clutch chatters just a little on low RPM takeoff. Dammit!

Looks like the temp gauge is working. 80c (just under 180F) and steady. Obviously I need a longer, faster run on a hotter day to see better.

Warm idle was too low and wanted to stall. I turned the stop screws in a quarter turn on each side and we got 900 steady. 

Had a fuel drip from the accelerator pump on the left after I parked it. The cover screws were tight so I was going to look in there and see what's happening. I loosened the screws, then changed my mind. Tightened them, started the car to see if it leaked running, and it didn't.

So I let it idle a bit (this is when I upped the idle settings) and checked again, then turned it off and felt around where it had been dripping. And this time it was dry.

Also no oil drips from underneath. So maybe I won't be needing those JayCee pushrods after all. Fingers crossed.

I'm going to try to get the headlights aimed tonight.

I'll look for oil under the engine as well and try to pinpoint any drips. I am very sure my CB sump cover is not right, so that will come off and probably got back on with Permatex Ultra Grey at some point soon, with possibly one of the studs replaced. 

Bottom line: Just as soon as I can get the dang brake pedal up to a decent height I am going to absolutely thrash this baby. 


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