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Reply to "Thunder Ranch build thread"

So I put the car up in the air and checked under the engine and—how about that?—no pushrod tube leaks and the drip from the front appears to be cured as well. Only the left valve cover was just a smidge wet (I'll pick up a new set of bails) and the sump plate is definitely seeping. No drips, but they will come. So that gets R&R'd soon.

I'm going to run this a few more miles and set the air/fuel mix and rig up the Black Box, but if things stay as they are I'll just leave everything but the sump as-is. Psyched.

Tonight I got the headlights rough-aimed. I think they might be OK so I don't need to pull them out and mess with the adjusters and such. We'll see.

Then I shook off the top for a test fit.IMG_5579IMG_5582IMG_5586IMG_5587

I'm confident that with some time and probably a few parts from @chines1 & co. this could be made to work, but frankly I don't have the patience. I'm going to fold it all up and call it and the glass windscreen a "standard toption" & let the next guy sort it out.





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