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Reply to "Thunder Ranch build thread"

It adjusts from a little smaller than 36mm to 38mm so that should be right. @dlearl476 I plan to write up the beam job on my blog.

@Stan Galat you'd fit right in this neighborhood. Retired GM forewoman and cable lineman next door on one side, truck driver the other. There's a plumber and two HVAC guys just up the street, three welders, two cops, several retired Bethlehem Steel workers...

We've got a Ham radio guy. Many, many boats.

There were two solid 10-second drag cars parked in driveways when I moved here, plus a big block Chevelle, a tribute Yenko Nova, and some other stuff I forget. One of the drag cars is gone now, and the guy sold the Nova (but still has the Chevelle). This is just stuff you see outside of garages. Also car trailers, two scrappers (Sandy and a guy whose name I don't know).

The guy who lent the reamer, Johnny, runs a diesel engine repair and machine shop in S. Baltimore. I believe he specializes in "glider" jobs. He flew into Carlisle last year in his little Cessna and met up with his step son, who drove his dune buggy up. Some of you might have met them though they were only on the field for a little while.

Johnny's good people, despite his enthusiasm for our current POTUS. He and his wife (just married, though you'd never have guessed they weren't married even 10 years ago), spent their honeymoon near and on Mt. Rushmore so they could attend the rally.

I first asked my machinist buddy (actually lives up county) about the reamer and he said his biggest one was under an inch, but found me a good option at $67 plus shipping. I texted Johnny and he got right back to me like "dang, I got every one but that one, mechanic says he took it home."

Then he texted back again 10 minutes later: "found it."

I told him no rush, parts just ordered from the west coast. An hour later he pulls up to his driveway as I'm walking by with the dog, gets out and gives me the box.

This is the same guy who, last spring, after I buggered up my first attempt at replacing Bridget's blown head gaskets, offered to deck the whole engine when I told him my regular machine shop said they couldn't do it without me taking the whole thing down to bare block. 

He backed his truck up my driveway the next morning, helped me load the Suby on the tail gate, and came back the next afternoon to unload it. 

I honestly hope like hell I can do him a favor some day. 

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