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Reply to "Thunder Ranch build thread"

Cleaned grease off everything for an hour today. Used a whole can of Brake Kleen.

I'll have to do that again. There's still more grease.IMG_5906

Hubs and brakes back on. I figured out a better mounting system today to move my sway bar bushings out toward the edges of the beam and make the bar work harder/better. Decided not to do the job yet though.

Reinstalled the sway bar and shock on the passenger side.


I'll line up the camber adjusters as they were to start, then back the car out and bring it back in and check toe-in. Won't be surprised to find it off, but we'll see.

Set that and then go around and try to get camber at -.5 degrees. 

Then check toe again.

Hoping I won't have to pull the steering wheel to get it centered.

Anyway, looks like the worst is over.


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