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Reply to "Thunder Ranch build thread"

Put a couple hours in the tonneau project. This is going to work.

I dinged up the front of the piece after folding over the front lip and trying to smooth the underside. Here's magic marker looking for the high spots for the shrinking disc.


The disk did knock them down. It also ground some material off (not good!), so I'll be working this area with sandpaper later. I checked the fit to see how it's go if I had 1.5-inch pins jutting out the back.  Needed a trim on the outside front corner.


Since I had the cutoff wheel spinning I decided to correct my front fold-over. I thought the long doubled edge would strengthen the part, but it just causes problems.


Pulled up the upholstery to check the depth and width of the overhang on the rear bulkhead where the pin receivers will have to go. It's only like an inch down.


—that means the pins go about 5/8 below the top of the tonneau. I drilled the tonneau skirt and then marked the steel triangle things. I'll weld 5/16 bolts I cut the threads off of to these, and then rivet them to the skirt later.


Again, from, an original(?):


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