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DannyP posted:
Stan Galat posted:

If we aren't in the UK, we'll be there.

Why go there? I've been there, it's a gloomy place. But there's LOTS of really old and cool stuff to see.

So, I'm 56. My life has been pretty pedestrian by most outward metrics. I've been married to the same woman for 34 years (as of a couple of weeks ago). I've raised 3 kids, and have 10 grandkids. I've not had cancer or a heart-attack, but in my life so far:

I've been a pedestrian hit by a car going 50+ mph, been involved (in some way) in at least a dozen total-loss vehicular accidents, have fallen off an extended 28' ladder, burned away a chunk of thumb in a near-electrocution, run my right index finger through a toothed v-belt and pulley and my left through a table saw, crushed my left thumb when a chain-fall skipped a link and dropped a 500 lb compressor, dropped though a drywall ceiling (and hooked my nose on a screw on the way by), suffered herniated discs from L1-L5, tipped over a scissor-lift (I was on it) and tore my tricep tendon from my elbow, re-tore the same tendon 2 days post-op then spent 12 weeks in a long-arm cast, had 2nd degree burns over my entire torso, have frostbite damage on every digit but my thumbs, and have caught my right hand on fire (there's a story). I've had hepatitis, tropical ulcers, and amoebic dysentery at least 1x ea., and full-blown malaria more times that I can remember. I've stood peeing in a fire-ant colony, crapped in 3rd world places with feces 6" deep on the floor, eaten meat with a blue sheen on it, and drunk water I could not see through. I lived off the grid for 2-1/2 years, and delivered a baby on my front porch.

I presently take medication for high blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, and low thyroid and testosterone. Throw in the supplements and it's a fistful of pills every morning, and another every night. I sleep about 6 hrs a night (but not all in a row) with the aid of a CPAP. I'm presently gaining about 5 lbs/year with no viable plan to arrest the decline (or assent, as the case may be).

I've built 2 houses, a barn, a family, and a business from the ground up. I've worked pretty hard to repair and maintain all of them.

I'm tired. I spent 3 hrs of my weekend driving though a blizzard to get to a supermarket so I could spend another 3 hrs saving the world (one frozen dinner at a time). I've been on call for work 24/7/365 for 23 years. At this rate-- if I'm going to do stuff with my wife, waiting to retire seems like a poor actuarial proposition.

I'd love to drive the small car to new places, but I'd rather do the things Jeanie would like to do before we can't do them. We went to Italy in 2015 and France last fall. I'd like to hit England before we do central Europe and Greece/Turkey/Holy Land. The exchange rate is good, flights are cheap, and I'll never feel better than I do right now.

It's an opportunity I'm going to have a hard time passing up. If we're not able to make it to the UK, we'll definitely be in GA (Lord willing).

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