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Reply to "Tow Bar Measurements - 65 VW Pan - CMC 1989 Speedster"

@Robert M posted:

So you'll have safety chains from the tow vehicle to the actual tow bar and another chain to the beam of the car.

Every bolt holding the tow-bar to the car would have to loosen up or break for this second chain to help in any way. It's theoretically possible, I suppose, but it's also theoretically possible that a chunk of SkyLab could come careening through the atmosphere, penetrate my car's roof, and lodge in my forehead and kill me - but I don't wear a steel helmet to protect myself from space junk. I'm not sure how you'd keep that chain from dragging all the way from here to there.

I've got no idea what the laws in Kalifornia are - but out here, the second chain is not required.

But in other, towing related news, I went to St. Louis today to pick up 3 skids of refrigerant before the Paris Accords change the world again.

For the Glory of the Rep

'Twas glorious.


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