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Tow Bar Time-Crunch!

Hey, smart people!

I'm always grateful for the deep well of knowledge here, so maybe you can help a dumb guy out.

I no longer own the Dodge Durango with which I towed my Speedster to the 2019 West Coast Cruise.

I've blithely drifted along, assuming I could once again drag it to California from Phoenix on a Uhaul trailer behind one of our Honda CR-Vs, but realized over the weekend that the combined weight of car and trailer FAR exceeds the CR-V's capabilities.


The only way I'm going to get to this year's West Coast Cruise is with a tow bar.

Here's where I need your help, friends.

I know the bar will have to be modified -- nothing's easy, of course.

I have a Beck.

I'm looking for two things:

1) recommendation on which tow bar might be most-easily modified

2) recommendation on the type of shop that might be able to do such work in a hot hurry

I don't have much time before all the West Coast Cruise fun commences!  Any help will be appreciated!

"We've come this far -- let's not ruin it by thinking."  – Clint Eastwood 

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