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Reply to "Update on Joel Roth's Beck Super Coupe-Seats"

@Bob: IM S6 posted:

Okay, Stan and Mitch.

Speaking of puppies - and excuse more thread drift -  the newest member of our family... 

Border puppy

What a ridiculously cute dog, Dr. Carley.

We had several "not very good" (not very well trained) dogs growing up. We never had time to spend with them, and it showed.

My son was mauled by a friend's German Shepard when Michael was 5, which kinda' soured me on owning a dog myself. Dogs are animals, not "fur babies", and as long as people remember that, I've got zero beef with them. Just remember 2 things:

1) They are a "pack" animal. They exist as part of a larger whole, and do not do well when denied social interaction. The more interaction the better. They need an alfa male to function well. Be that alfa male. If you are uncomfortable with that, your dog will behave erratically because he doesn't know his place in the world.

2) If you own a dog, you are the alfa. If you can't take the dog with your bare hands, you should treat it like a loaded weapon. Put your Rottweiler in a choke collar for a walk, unless you have the wherewithal to put the dog down if he moves aggressively on somebody.

Last dog comment: There's a wide variety of political opinion on this site, and I'd imagine there's a wide range of opinions on gun ownership and use. I'll say this - gun owners get their homes broken into all the time. People with dogs ALMOST NEVER get their homes broken into.

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