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Reply to "Vintage Motorcars (Vintage Spyders)"

If you had read the above mentioned issues you will see that when he has attempted to fix things he damaged the car.

He has never admitted it told me that he chipped my car during build and had an area repainted.

And after repairing poorly it had somehow become an ordeal involving me and my car not having a 10K paint job.

The fact is..

He damaged my car, he did not tell me. He fixed it poorly and when I pointed it out it became my problem that only I noticed and he was completely unaware of how it occurred.

Its dishonest business period.

And furthermore when he has handled my car as mentioned above he has damaged it in other ways.

I can even go as far as saying that he said he didn't drive my car when it was there yet my friend and business owner saw MY car driving near there while my car was there.

again, I can go on with more issues I had if you all like and we can make this thread drag on and on.

Just ask and you shall receive.