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Reply to "Wanted- Seat tracks"

@Robert M posted:

It's confusing I know. But if I were you I'd buy from Greg at Vintage Motorcars because he's done a lot for this hobby.

THIS ^^^^^!

For a bit more background, Kirk was located in the Hawaiian Gardens location since his beginning. Greg's father set Greg up with the molds and jigs for the former ACI Spyder.

Greg started making Spyders around 1995 or so, then moved to Stanton CA at some point. There may have been one more address in there at some point, but I don't recall it.

When Kirk and Mary decided to retire, they sold the business to a Justin(??) who immediately moved the business to Arizona, and did it over Christmas vacation. Kirk's former employees were left in the lurch. They all thought they were just going to be working for a different owner.

Greg Leach got wind of this and proceeded to a) hire all Kirk's guys and b) move his business BACK to Hawaiian Gardens where he started. At that point Greg started making Speedsters, and bent-window coupes(which he already had in the pipeline). He still makes Spyders also, and does air and watercooled(Subaru) in ALL three cars.

As a disclaimer, I have purchased two Spyders from Greg, one in 2002 and the other in 2016. He makes a great product, and has improved the function of the cars(less initial problems) and certainly the fit and finish.

I believe that the Arizona operation is on it's second or third owner since moving there.

I don't know about you, but I'd spend my money in a business with some longevity.

The only choices for me would be either Beck/SE, Intermeccanica, or Vintage Motorcars in California. They've all been around for years, and have great customer service, even after the sale.

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