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Reply to "WE GOT WHEELS!!!!!!!!!"

imageStan Galat, '05 IM, 2276, Nowhere, USA posted:
Ron O posted:

I'd love to see an inexpensive reproduction of the Porsche aluminum spare in a 5x130 bolt pattern.

They seem to sell VERY quickly when they come up for sale, and usually for a princely price.

X10. I'd take them if the weren't inexpensive. They're definitely and acquired taste, but once the taste is acquired... nothing else will do.

Marty's wheels come close, but they have the hubcap hump, where these come off the center, and radius pretty smoothly out towards the rim.

Do them in a 16x6 or 8 and the world really would beat a path to your door. Porsche guys love stuff like this, and they have money.

Stan, I don't think that my wheels have a hubcap hump, they are designed to run without.  I just asked them for a center peice to cover the hub.  


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