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Reply to "Were 356 Speedsters ever "affordable" in years past ?"

"What a cool video! So are you a banjo player too?! I dabble in some frailing banjo and tenor banjo also. cool"@Impala

Impala, I played a bit of banjo in a group many years ago. Arthritis in my hands starting setting early so I'm limited to a bass guitar or stand-up bass.

Here's a pic of SOCer Rene 'Dutch' in my office/music room tuning my mandolin. 20170708_205036_HDR-1

A group of us get together every six weeks or so for a jam and camaraderie. We'll do gigs every so often for parties and receptions.Guitar deck 2

The real banjo master is SOCer Jack Crosby! 

Keep on picking' and a grinnin'. 


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  • 20170708_205036_HDR-1
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